Enerflex Radiant Barrier

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Reduce Utility Bills with Enerflex Radiant Barrier

The increased performance of your insulation and ductwork, and decreased workload on your air conditioner and other appliances means Enerflex™ Radiant Barrier will pay for itself in utility bill savings. Multiple studies and tests have proven the merits of installing a radiant barrier system. Click below to view video!


How Enerflex Radiant Barrier Works

On a hot day, heat from the sun is absorbed by the roof shingles and warms up the sheathing below, which radiates heat towards the attic floor and conventional insulation. All materials emit radiant heat to varying degrees based on their surface temperature. However, installing Enerflex™ Radiant Barrier will reflect up to 96% of this radiant energy back toward the roof.

The result: The top surface of the insulation is up to 30° cooler than it would have been which reduces the amount of heat that moves through the insulation to the living areas below. This redirection of heat leads to utility bill savings!


A Place to use Enerflex:
Your Garage Door!

Will Enerflex radiant barrier work on my garage door?

Yes, Enerflex will reduce the amount of radiant energy allowed into your garage when installed on the garage door. It will keep your garage cooler, and help reduce the amount or radiant heat allowed into your home.

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